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We print collectible metal posters that make this reaaally sweet wup-wup sound when you spin them around. Plus, they look super cool no matter where you put them!
Any passion you have is here, waiting to enter your collection as a Displate.

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Every Displate consists of three main ingredients: 51% excellent art, 46% highly sophisticated tech, and 3% magic. These numbers are not just random gibberish. They come straight from our resident technowizards who oversee production.

That's how we came up with our mounting system, too. So once people are done hugging their newly arrived Displate, they can trust it to the smart magnets it came with. For a quick, easy, and clean setup.

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It all started with a wild dream. In 2013, three very handsome and determined fellas got together and decided to try this crazy idea: create a 21st century canvas unlike any other. They ended up building a unique metal poster, then a huge catalogue of funky designs, and finally the unstoppable team you know as Displate.

But it wouldn't mean much without YOU. We love your love for Displates. It's our fuel as we launch for the stars. Come with us.

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